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Adding a Network Printer - Mac OS

For customers using a Mac, these directions will walk through the simple procedure of adding a network printer to a computer in our environment.
  1. Open “System Preferences”, and select “Printers & Scanners”.

  2. Click the “+” at the bottom of the list of Printers to add a new device. You may need to click the lock in the bottom left corner to unlock the pane.


  3. Navigate to the “IP” tab.

  4. Populate the “Address” field with the hostname of the desired printer, followed by the appropriate DNS suffix* (example:**

  5. Ensure that the “Protocol” used is “HP Jetdirect - Socket”.

  6. You can enter an optional Name and Location at the bottom of this screen.  If the printer is found on the network, driver information will be retrieved automatically and displayed next to “Use” (If not, select a driver from the dropdown menu).

  7. When you have finished entering this information, click “Add”.

*The DNS suffix depends on which department the printer belongs to.  Printers in Engineering departments should use suffix "", while a printer in the Physics department will use the suffix “”, and printers in the Math department will use "".

**If you run into a situation where you can't find the hostname of the printer, you can contact the Service Desk and they will assist with the configuration of the DNS name. This is generally a sign that a proper setup was never completed on the device. 

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