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The Clark School is introducing a new service to make it easier to discover, view, and book meeting spaces in your department and across the college. With this new service, most meeting spaces will allow you to make a direct booking, where your request will take effect immediately or, at most, be on hold for a short time while awaiting approval from the room administrator. Larger event spaces and those with restrictions must still be requested and approved via a form. We will take you step-by-step through the service, from setting up your account to booking a space and reporting an issue.

Activating Your Account

To activate your account, go to, select ‘Continue with Google,’ and in the resulting pop-up, choose your account. 

The Schedule Tab

In the Schedule tab, you can view all your upcoming meetings and events under My Meetings. In Meeting Rooms, you can view all available spaces in your current building and quickly book a meeting. Click or click and drag to begin the process. Add a title and any additional people you’d like to invite, and click Save. To view available spaces in other buildings, simply click on your current building name and select an alternate building. 


You can pin your favorite spaces so they appear at the top of the list. 


This view relies on your familiarity with the space, as it will not list the policies, including if it is a request-only space or requires check-in on arrival. 

The Office Tab

If you are unfamiliar with the available spaces, the Office view may be a better solution, as you can quickly glance at a building map to see location and availability. Then, select a space to see a photo of the room, its amenities, policies, and more. With booking requests completed in just a few clicks. 

Booking Policies

Each space is unique, from how booking requests are approved to policies such as required meeting check-ins. You must familiarize yourself with a space's policies before making a booking request. To do so, go to the Office tab and select a given space. A pane will appear on the left side of the page, giving you detailed information on the space, including its policies. 


If the space requires approval, your request will only be final once you receive confirmation via email. Another policy to take note of is if the space enforces check-ins. If it does, you must confirm your meeting; otherwise, the service will release the space for others to book.


It is essential to read the notes and follow any links, as they will contain additional policies, such as rules & regulations regarding food and drink, etc. 

Service Requests

When booking, some spaces allow you to add service requests, such as A/V, Catering, and Facilities. To add these requests, open up the composer view by clicking More Options under the Schedule > Meeting Room tab or creating a booking request using the Office tab. Service Requests are on the right pane below Times and Rooms if the space supports this feature. 

Request Form

Select spaces can only be requested by filling out a form. If the space you are viewing is only bookable via this method, a link to the form will be found in the Notes section of the space. 

Meeting Check-Ins / Abandoned Meeting Protection

If a space enforces check-ins, please use the display outside the room or the Robin smartphone app to check in. If you fail to do so, the service will release the room so that others may utilize the space. If you miss three check-ins in a row on a recurring booking, some spaces will remove all future bookings for that event. To check if the space you wish to book uses these policies, go to the Office tab and select a given space. A pane will appear on the left side of the page, giving you detailed information on the space, including its policies. 

Impromptu meetings

Some spaces allow you to walk up to a room and start an impromptu meeting via the outside room display. If the room space supports this feature and is available, simply tap on the screen with your desired reservation time, and the room will be booked automatically. 

Start / End / Extend Meetings

Some spaces allow you to start your meeting early, end your meeting early, or extend your meeting via the display outside the room or the Robin smartphone app. 

Issue reporting

If a space utilizes this feature, you can report issues ranging from the projector not working to the room being too hot. Using the smartphone app, go to the Office tab and select the space on the map, then tap the action dots from the pop-up module and tap Report a Problem. Fill in the details and submit. Using the display outside the room, tap Report issue, then select the issue you are experiencing. 

Smartphone App

Robin provides a smartphone app that is useful for booking and check-ins. You can find more information here:

Video Tutorial

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