Windows - SCP/SFTP using Winscp

How to use Winscp on Windows

You can download Winscp from

1) Run Winscp.

2) Fill out the login information screen.  Leave the file protocol set to sftp and the port set to 22 unless you have a reason to change them.  The host name is the computer you want to transfer files to/from.  The username and password are generally the UMD username and password unless you have a local account on this computer.  After filling the information in, click the login button.

Winscp login page

3) If you are connecting to the computer for the first time, you will see an ssh host key warning.  This should only appear the first time you login to a computer with Winscp on this computer.  Click the Yes button.

ssh host key warning

4) If you are logging into a UMD managed computer, you will likely see a legal warning appear next.  Click continue.

UMD legal connection warning

5) You should now see the main Winscp window.  The local computer is on the left and the remote computer is on the right.  Navigate to the desired locations on both computers using the drop down windows or double clicking on the displayed folders/directories.  You can then drag and drop files to/from either computer.  You can select multiple files at a time or one at a time.  Depending upon the size of the file, you may have a delay when the files are transferred.  A screen will show progress when a transfer is running.

winscp main window

6)  When you are done you can click the X in the upper right.  You don't need to save the session so click Yes.  The files have already been transferred so ending the session will not impact the file transfer.

winscp terminate session window

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