Matlab 2022B note on Glue/TerpConnect

Matlab 2022B on Glue/TerpConnect is a bit odd because of the use of hard links
Matlab 2022B on Linux uses hard links which don't work across different file systems.  When you use the central installation of Matlab 2022b "module load matlab/2022b", these hard links don't work across AFS and /tmp on the local file system.
Here is a link describing the issue.
The specific Matlab commands would be something like what is below which is customized for your user.  I'm not sure this will work because I don't really understand why and under what circumstances they are using a hard link.  It makes no sense to me that they would use a hard link instead of a symbolic link for whatever they are trying to do.
clear all
setenv('TMPDIR','<your afs home directory path>/<whatever you want the local matlab tmp directory to be')
clear all
An example of the setenv above.

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