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GitLab Overview & FAQ

GitLab is the preferred and supported git solution for the Clark School.

Where is GitLab?

Engineering IT hosts and supports a GitLab instance on

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Who can access GitLab?

Faculty and students


Students must be registered for classes in order to access GitLab.

Faculty and students in the academic colleges listed below have access to GitLab automatically.

  • A. James Clark School of Engineering
  • College of Computer, Mathematical, & Natural Sciences

Authorized affiliates and guests

  • Must be sponsored by a member of the faculty or student who has access.

Who cannot access GitLab?

University staff

Due to licensing terms & conditions, University staff* are not automatically permitted to access GitLab. University staff and other users that do not fit the above criteria can be added for access on a case-by-case basis. Please email for more information.

*University staff are defined as exempt staff, contract employees (C1, C2), and other employees who are not formally appointed as faculty.

How do I log in to GitLab?

University of Maryland students, faculty, and staff (if permitted)

Log in using the UMD CAS button on the log in page. If you have never used GitLab before, your account will be created on first login.

Authorized affiliates and guests

Affiliates should log in using the UMD CAS button on the log in page.

Guests should log in using their username and password on the log in page.

Is the GlobalProtect VPN required?

No, the GlobalProtect VPN is not required to access GitLab.

How do I sponsor a guest in GitLab?

Use this form to sponsor a guest. You must be a member of the populations listed in the access section above to sponsor a guest.

Where can I find documentation for GitLab?

You can find documentation here.

How do I migrate an existing git repository to GitLab?

Sample repository on - Group: dspcad, Project: enee408c-fall19-dist

  1. Setup ssh keys on for your account and the local machine you're using. This only needs to be done once -
  2. Use the commands below as reference.
git clone --mirror
cd enee408c-fall19-dist.git
git remote rename origin old-origin
git remote add origin
git push -u origin --all
git push -u origin --tags

Where can I find information about user permissions and roles?

How do I set up an SSH key?

Where can I get support for GitLab?

Open a support request with the Engineering Digital Service team using this form.

Are there any limits?

We do have a few limits; these are applied universally and are in place to ensure everyone has the ability to use the platform. In some cases, exceptions can be made.

  • Individuals can create up to five projects.
  • Individuals are not able to create groups.
  • We only support named user accounts (no service accounts).
  • Usually, collaborators are limited to other engineering students or faculty. If you are working on a research project and require external collaborators, we are able to provide your external collaborators with access to GitLab. Please email us the names and emails of your external collaborators and the link to your project to have them added.

Can I integrate [x] with GitLab?

The short answer is yes. Integrations that are on a project-level are generally fine. Instance-level integrations must support access by the entire user base.

All integrations that are not already enabled are enabled on a case by case basis. We generally want to do a quick security audit and understand the business use case prior to enabling an integration. Email us to start the process.

Can I access the GitLab API?

You have the ability to access all of GitLab's API endpoints for resources to which you have access. For example, if you cannot normally create a project in a certain group, you will not be able to do so via the API either.

GitLab's API docs are located here and you can generate access tokens for use with the API via this interface.

Please do not abuse the API.

What happens when I leave the University or my access expires?

You will retain your access to GitLab while you are registered for classes; this mirrors Division of IT's access policy for software on TERPware. After graduation, we have the ability to provide you with access for up to two semesters following graduation. Send us an email to request continued access.

You will retain your access to GitLab as long as you have an active non-affiliate appointment in PHR. When your appointment in PHR ends, you will lose access to GitLab.

External Users
You will retain your access to GitLab for six months from the date your access was provisioned. After six months, your sponsor will have the option to renew your access. If no action is taken, GitLab will prevent you from accessing the platform when your access expires.

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