Code42 at UMD

Explanation of what Code42 is and how to use it.

The College of Engineering is offering Code42's CrashPlan for backing up laptops and desktops. This service is free of charge (paid for by the Dean) for faculty and staff within the College of Engineering. If you are not within the College of Engineering, contact the Division of IT at or x51500 as they offer Code42 backup as a paid service.


  • Continuous, invisible backup
  • Unlimited backup (if you are backing up more than 1 TB or 1 million files look here for more information)
  • Up to four devices per user
  • Backups run while traveling, at home, or on campus
  • Data is encrypted before it leaves your computer
  • Easy to use web interface to manage backups, perform restores
  • Use your UMD Directory ID account for secure access
  • Automatic email notifications for missed backups

What type of devices can I back up?

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

What gets backed up?

It depends a bit on how it is installed but typically only user data is backed up (Windows/Mac - /users/*, Linux - /home/*). CrashPlan is not meant to back up system files. If you want to exclude a folder(s) from backup, add _NoBackup to the end of the folder name BEFORE you install CrashPlan. If you add it after, it will be backed up until the name is changed and the older data in that folder(s) will remain in CrashPlan backups.



If you want to exclude any folders/directories (and its contents) from backup, add _NoBackup to the end of the folder/directory name and it will not be backed up. It is wise to do this before the backups start to ensure the folders are not backed up at all. If you add it later, the old backup of the folder and the data within it will remain but no new backups will be performed on the folder.

  1. Download the client - You will need to click on the correct operating system, then click the download button, and then click the "download anyway" button. If you are running older operating systems, you may need an older client.  Please contact the EIT Service Desk at or 301-405-1634 for assistance. 
  2. Install the client. 
  3. Run the client and input your e-mail address (<username> and the server name. The server name is:
  4. You should be redirected to a CAS login. If you are unable to login, contact your local IT unit within the College of Engineering to ask them to authorize your account for this service or contact the EIT Service Desk at or 301-405-1634 for assistance.
  5. You may be prompted to add this device as a new device or replace an existing device.  Usually, you will be adding a new device but if your machine has been replaced, rebuilt, or another special situation exists, you may be replacing an existing device.
  6. Code42 will start backing up automatically.
  7. If you would like to access the web site allowing you to check on the status of your backups or restore your data, visit You log in with your UMD email address including the and you should be redirected to a CAS login.

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