Loaner Laptop Program

The EIT Service Desk offers laptops for temporary use by Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students in our Units.

We have a number of laptops available for both short-term (3 days to 1 week) and long-term (2-4 weeks) use. All loaner laptops owned by the Service Desk MUST be returned to the Service Desk in a timely manner. The majority of our loaner laptops are Windows 10, though we have a limited number of Mac and Chromebook loaners occasionally available.

If you need a laptop for work or work from home, please contact your department about ordering one for you.

Short-Term Loaners - 3 days to 1 week

Long-Term Loaners - 2-4 weeksAll loaners come with the following stored in the loaner backpack: These policies are subject to change; please contact the Service Desk at for questions!