Service Desk Policies & Services

This document provides an overview of the policies and available services from our support team.


Provide the best support possible for our customers, enabling them to focus on their areas of expertise.


We strive to provide a high level of support for all customers. Occasionally the need arises to prioritize tickets due to load. If priority calls are necessary, the priorities are spelled out below.

  1. Teaching - Anything impacting classes that are in session is to be given the highest priority.  If the class isn’t currently in session but the problem is related to teaching, it is a high priority but may be deferred if it can be completed without impacting the next class.

  2. University owned or leased machines.

  3. Personal machines as time allows with the limitations set out in the laptop/desktop support section.


Free services provided for if you are affiliated with Engineering, Math, or Physics:

Services provided for a fee for ECE, ISR, Physics, and Math if you are affiliated with one of the units: