Ordering Computing Equipment

Policies on ordering/purchasing for University owned and personal equipment.

All faculty, staff, and graduate students should first approach the service desk before purchasing computing equipment so that we can assist in specifying equipment that will meet your computing needs.

Purchasing University Equipment:

As part of policy, we no longer submit requisition forms on behalf of customers. The Service Desk will still provide quotes related to computing equipment for customers to use in requisition forms. However, the actual requisition forms should always be sent from the customer to the appropriate business office for the sake of proper record-keeping and financial account information.

The Service Desk should still be contacted following the arrival of new computing equipment so that we can assist with proper configuration and deployment.

Purchasing Personal Equipment:

Any University affiliates wishing to purchase discounted computing equipment with personal funds are able to do so through the Terrapin Technology Store. If you want to purchase an item (such as a desktop) that is not available on the Tech Store website, please email them (terpstore@umd.edu) with a link to the item and the desired specifications to see if they can offer an educational discount.

Please be aware that the Service Desk is unable to support machines that are not purchased with University funds.