Support Options - Engineering, Math, Physics

These options are provided to all customers in the above groups. This replaces the previous support structures referred to as "fully supported" or "self-support" among other names and updates the requirements for the support level of "Tier 1" that we've had available for several years. Note: If your group is part of the engineering school but has traditionally been supported by their own IT unit, this information may not be applicable. Please contact your primary IT support group for further information.

Failure to adhere to the listed user responsibilities at each tier can result in security risks. The IT Operations group reserves the right to limit or disable network connectivity until the responsibilities are appropriately fulfilled or if a host has been compromised. Please talk to an administrator if you have questions about what this means.

Tier 3 Support - Fully supported by IT Ops with high security and many automated operations. 

Tier 2 Support (**minimum recommendation for support**) - Assisted support with basic security and some automated operations. 

This option is not available for macOS. 

Tier 1 Support (**requires case-by-case review and approval, per machine, by the Service Desk Manager or the IT Operations Director**) - Limited support with low security and no automated operations. 

Please direct all further inquiries to the Service Desk:

EGR Service Desk

0123 Glenn L. Martin Hall

(301) 405-1634 (or x51634) 

Note: Our A.V. Williams and Toll Physics Service Desk locations have closed, but the legacy contact methods below are still active, and will forward to the appropriate location.

(301) 405-3689, (301) 405-8582 , , ,,,

If you are not familiar with any of these service locations then there is a chance that you are served by another IT group. Please contact your primary support group for assistance, as this article may not apply to you.