Bomgar Remote Support - Granting Access from a Mac

When using the Service Desk's remote support software, Bomgar, MacOS users must grant screen control permissions to the Bomgar application in order for us to provide sufficient remote support.

Please follow the instructions for macOS Catalina listed at the Apple Support Site to grant the Bomgar Remote Support Application permissions to do "screen recording." This is the technical name for the process that allows us to remotely share control of your computer while providing assistance. Naturally, this control ends when the remote support session ends. 

Be aware that these instructions may vary slightly depending on your version of MacOS.

The steps for macOS Mojave vary slightly, and are listed in the section below.

macOS Mojave

  1. OpenSystemPreferences
  2. ClickLockToMakeChanges
  3. Accessibility-RemoteSupportCustomerClient

Once this access has been granted, your session will continue as normal.