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Zoom Security FAQ and Information

By default, Zoom only allows authenticated participants from the University of Maryland to join a meeting. This security setting is meant to reduce Zoombombing and keep the community safe from online classroom and meeting disruptions from outside sources.

On Sunday, September 20, 2020 at 8 p.m. the Division of Information Technology at UMD will implement new security measures which will require ALL participants of a Zoom meeting to be authenticated using their email address. After this change is made, you must be logged into Zoom with your UMD account in order to attend any Zoom meeting hosted by UMD. If you plan on having external (non-UMD) collaborators join your Zoom conference, please see this article to configure your meeting to allow non-umd participants.

Students, faculty or staff members attending a UMD Zoom meeting should always log into Zoom using your UMD credentials and not a personal Zoom account.

Q: What does this actually mean?
A: It means that you will no longer be able to join a UMD hosted Zoom meeting as a Guest.

Q. How do I know if I'm in a meeting as a Guest?
A: You will see the word Guest in parenthesis next to your name in the list of participants.

Q: How do I tell if I am signed in to UMD Zoom?
A: Desktop: On desktop, open the Zoom app (on a Mac it's in the Applications folder, on Windows go to Start > Zoom) and click your profile picture in the upper right corner. You should see your name, the word licensed, and xxx***
A: Mobile: On mobile, open the Zoom app, tap the settings icon in the lower right, and look at the top of the page. You should see your name, the word licensed, and xxx***

Q: I'm not signed in, how do I sign in?
A: Please see this article from the Division of Information Technology on how to log into your UMD Zoom account.

Q: Can this be turned off?
A: Yes, meeting schedulers/creators can disable the UMD CAS requirement on a per-meeting basis.

Q: What about meetings I had already scheduled?
A: When the Division of IT makes the change, all currently scheduled meetings will be restricted to UMD CAS. You will need to go into the meeting and remove the requirement before it begins if you intend to allow non-UMD participants.

Q: Can non-campus people participate in my meetings?
A: Yes, but the meeting needs to be configured for it.  The default settings will not allow it. Here is how to configure your meeting to allow for off-campus participants. These participants will need to have a zoom account. Basic Zoom accounts are free.

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